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!GPS נוסעים לחו"ל? אל תלכו לאיבוד, קחו

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When visiting Israel use a Local Cellphone 


According to cellular companies roaming rates, using your personal phone will cost you much more then you think...


In oder to be available during your visit, it's better for you to carry a local cellphone.


It is the cheapest way for making a local calls but also lets you redirect your home / office landline incoming calls easily and enjoy your trip.


Using Rebtel calls to this cellphone may reduce payments up to 98% !!! 



Rent a local Mobile Phone for 1.00$ a day only 

and reduse payments for Cellular Companies. 


we will charge your phone any ammount you choose

no commision - no refund




* We rent phones to GPS SatNav renters only.


* For outgoing local calls you need to pay in advance (PrePaid SIM Card).