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Easy-Park  your cost saving parking assistant


No need to carry Small Coins, Pay only for the exact amount of time parked, One parking solution for all Isreali locations, Convenient to "reload" at gas Stations, no commission.    




How It Works
The Easy Park is a "portable parking purse."

New Easy Parks are sold empty. The purchaser decides how much -- or how little -- "parking money" to fill ("load") into the Easy Park. The Easy Park can be "loaded" (paying with cash or by credit card) quickly and efficiently at designated terminals in gas stations, convenience stores, post offices, shopping malls, and other locations.

The Easy Park is a completely integrated system that benefits drivers, parking attendants, and municipalities.

Easy Park has been successfully implemented throughout Israel.


  • Smart and eco-friendly. The EasyPark is small and personal. It requires no unsightly infrastructure and does not generate piles of discarded paper tickets or receipts.

    The Easy Park can be reloaded at various retail locations gas stations, convenience stores, malls) using cash, credit card, or e-wallets.

  • A comprehensive short- and long-term solution. Easy Park can be used for on-street parking, municipal parking lots, garages, toll-road entrance and exits, eliminating "change for the meter" and long lines waiting to pay. It integrates easily with established parking systems to provide an elegant path from the "old" hardware to the new vehicle-only parking solution.

  • Beneficial for everyone.

    For drivers
    : Eliminates the need to search for "change for the meter." Activated at the touch of a button, it is easy to use and easy to read. Only the actual parking time is measured and charged according to location and time of day. Customers receive detailed reports of parking history, violations, and receipts from reloading stations. Operates using a regular lithium 3V watch battery (CR2032).

    For parking attendants: Parked vehicles can be inspected visually or with handheld terminals. Encrypted readers are secure and protect against fraud. Readers can communicate with the Easy Park through the windshield, even when it is turned off.

    For municipalities: Eliminates expensive to maintain (and easy to vandalize) infrastructure. Reduces cash handling costs. Collected parking fees are transferred automatically (when the card is reloaded) to the pre-defined municipalities via the system's clearing center.

Learn more about the technology and specifications.

Enforcement Device (optional)

Inspection of the EasyPark device can be done visually or by means of an Enforcement Device, a hand held terminal fitted with a special interface unit for contactless communication with the EasyPark device. The contactless communication is unaffected by weather, humidity, illumination or window conditions. Inspection work becomes a simple, easy and measurable task. The inspector's performance is measured "positively" according to the number of vehicles monitored. This method makes the enforcement and inspection process simpler and more efficient.




A Case Study


Easy Park is successfully in use in more than 30 cities throughout Israel. It provides an accessible, accurate, and a consistent parking option all over the country.

Easy Park was awarded the tender for the entire country by Israel's Local Government Economic Services, which provides services to the country's local authorities.

Not only is Easy Park permitted for use in any designated parking spaces (blue and white curb markings), but it is a convenient option for municipal parking lots, even those with pay and display stands.

In the Tel Aviv area, however, Easy Park had to overcome a number of challenges.

Easy Park in Tel Aviv

The Customer

The Municipal Parking Authority of Tel Aviv,which is responsible for maintaining 150 parking lots and garages

(35,000 parking spaces) throughout the greater Tel Aviv area.

The Problem

As in other large urban centers, parking spaces in Tel Aviv are at a premium. Due to the lack of parking spaces, especially in the congested city center, drivers who do find an available parking place sometimes leave their cars for long periods of time, or park illegally, or ignore "No parking" signs completely.

To install meters in designated parking areas or municipal lots would require a large commitment in terms of time and capital (and does not even begin to address the increased costs of reading, maintaining due to breakage or vandalism, or collecting.) Therefore, the authority did not want to invest in pay and display machines.

The Authority approached Easy Park to design a comprehensive, friendly solution for parking, payment, and reporting specifically for Tel Aviv.

The Easy Park Solution

Working with representatives of the Authority, Easy Park engineered and adapted its Easy Park system especially for the Tel Aviv area.

Easy Park combined its systems with those already in use by the Authority. The Authority controls on-street parking with the Easy Park parking card and system. About 80% of the Tel Aviv residents who own a car use Easy Park.

The Outcome

The municipality took a chance and decided to reduce the usual hourly parking charge for residents. The result: It actually increased its revenues from parking. How? The system encourages "fair payment." In the past, people took a chance and parked without paying, or if anything, underpaid. Now, because they pay only for the exact time parked, they are using Easy Park more frequently, thereby reducing the number of times they take a chance.

As a result of the Easy Park system, the Tel Aviv municipality's income from parking fees has increased by more than 20%.

One additional benefit: Residents of Tel Aviv can load their Easy Park device at the local Authority offices to designate their Easy Park for parking in Tel Aviv only. (They can also load the Easy Park at selected gas stations and convenience stores, post office branches, and more.)

The Tel Aviv trial serves as a model for other municipalities in Israel and other urban centers around the world.


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